You Will Enjoy 2010 More

You may wish to have a good travel vocation to spend your new year at your dream place for the first month of 2010. If you do and your wallet allowed, here I’ll give you travel guide for the month of January in the New Year. You can make your new 2010 be an unforgettable one, just take these ideas and celebrate your New Year lavishly:


If you are planning to have a low profile New Year, travel across India that promises you a great holiday that too with a low budget. With cities like Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer you can have an opportunity to have a look of the magnificent architecture from ancient India or you can enjoy colorful carnival and cruise in Goa. Weather is just perfect to travel across India at this time of the year.


If you are love food then it’s the time for the ice wine festival in Canada. You can taste over 100 different wines in this 10 days event. Canada is also famous for its ski lands. With its deep and terrific ski slopes; it is also a perfect spot for the ski lovers.


If you want to play golf with your taylormade r9 irons in cold winter but just want toescape the cold and snow in the US. Then Mexico is the perfect place to hide yourself in this hot spot. It’s climate being rated as the second best in the world by National Geographic. Other options are Florida or Dominican Republic.


Golf is always a perfect vacation in California or Arizona. If you are a Golf aficionado then head out west for a golfing vacation. We recommend Gray hawk Golf Club in Scottsdale Arizona and Pebble Beach Golf course in Pebble Beach California. You can pack your golf equipment travel to there or just go to there and rent some cheap golf clubs. Great course and beautiful place, get your perfect first shot of the year. 


For all the nature lovers it’s the best time to visit Northern Tanzania, Kenya that offers a spectacular view of the migration of the thousands of wild animals like zebras, lions, leopards, cheetahs ,hyenas and many exciting wild beast.


In Cartagena, North Colombian, it’s the time for the famous hay festival, visited by many great writers, speakers and musicians. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this captivating festival.


Hope these are great destinations for you. Just escape the lazy and dull winter routine, you should make your first two month of 2010 memorable by visiting one of these incredible vacation destinations. Wish you have a pleasant journey and a happy beginning.




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