Yellow Cab Monterey Peninsula

Yellow Cab Monterey Peninsula Reviews

400 Alvarado
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (6 Reviews)

Review by Aadrenaline A.
Its literally a hit or miss. Here’s what it is….and Just don’t get in the way and pray u don’t get crazy.

1. I had one driver tell me he was drunk and…
Rating: 3

Review by Tim H.
According to Yelp, none of the cab companies in the area has a good reputation, but I needed a ride to the airport early-ish in the morning, so I booked a…
Rating: 4

Review by JerriSherri M.
I called this cab service because they had the highest rating on Yelp. Duh~ Yelp rating is not always reliable especially if there aren’t enough reviews. So…
Rating: 1

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