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Junipero St & 5th Ave
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (161 Reviews)

Review by Meredith M.
Really impressed by this little Carmel gem. So charming!

The owner was so lovely, very hospitable and accommodating. We called ahead on a Friday to see if…
Rating: 5

Review by Diana K.
What a charming little restaurant!

You know how food has that magical ability to transport you to another time, city, or place? Yafa is one of those kinds…
Rating: 5

Review by Sandra K.
Great meals for a party of 4 adults, 3 teens. Delicious tangy food. We started with mezze appetizer plate; so yummy!
Great service and ambience too. Highly…
Rating: 5

Carmel, CA, 17-Mile Drive, Lone Cypress 97
carmel ca
Image by inkknife_2000 (Thanks for 1.25 million views)
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In 1998 we spent a week exploring the California coast along Highway 1 between Cambira and Carmel by the Sea. One of the greatest drives in America is the 17-Mile Drive around the Pepple Beach Golf Course. The Lone Cypress has been growing on its own little rock for hundreds of years. We got there in the morning just as the fog was receding out to sea, and this picture was the result. As in all good photos, the secret is to be at the right place at the right time. If you are, no re-touching or enhancement is necessary.
This, by the wau, is one of the most photographed trees in America. You can find thousands of shots on line.
(Scanned from a slide)

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