One thought on “When’s the best time to go whale watching in Monterey, CA?

  1. typetive says:

    Summer is the time for seeing Humpback Whales. They gather there for summer feeding in the fertile upwellings off the Monterey Canyon (a very deep canyon that extends off the continental shelf deep into the Pacific).

    Keep a sharp eye out, Blue Whales, Minke Whales, Fin Whales and even Sperm Whales are spotted in the area.

    There are also five different dolphin species regularly spotted in the area: Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Right Whale Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins. Harbor porpoises are sometimes spotted as well.

    Orcas (Killer Whales) are often spotted in the area, though they are not a resident population, they just travel though as they find prey in the area (sea lions, seals and other marine mammals).

    Remember there’s never any guarantee of seeing these wild animals but most boat captains are great at finding some sea mammals and birds and even sharks or fish to entertain the passengers.

    Dress warmly and in layers – it may be sunny and nice on shore but temps can be in the 50s, with damp winds out at seas.

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