Water officials: Monterey Peninsula is technically over drought

The so-called March miracle has gone a long way to help ease drought conditions in many parts of the state.

Local water officials said the Monterey Peninsula is technically out of the drought.

The new data in the wake of the storms is a small victory in the grand scheme of this statewide drought.

Based on Carmel River flows measured on a daily basis, the peninsula has broken the sequence of the drought.

“In terms of hydrology and Carmel River flow, I think it’s safe to say that we are not going to enter a fifth year of drought,” said Greg James, a Monterey Peninsula Water Management District hydrologist.

James is a longtime hydrologist at the water district and monitors the flow of the Carmel River daily. According to the district’s measurements, the river flow rate is eight times the average rate for this time of year in…

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