The Red House Cafe

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Pacific Grove
662 Lighthouse Ave
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (429 Reviews)

Review by Nicole P.
The food was clean and yummy, but my LOVE came from the Decor!
Liked the food…LOVED the decor!!!

The food was clean and yummy, but my LOVE came from…
Rating: 4

Review by Muriel A.
Such a cute restaurant and what an amazing breakfast!
We were in town for a wedding and stayed at a B and B down the road.
We took a picturesque walk in…
Rating: 5

Review by AJ R.
Bottom Line; This is a quirky cool place to have a great breakfast in someone’s old home. There is something very peaceful and comfortable about that….
Rating: 4

The Bearcake
monterey ca breakfast
Image by Nubby Tongue
A family with two kids (a boy around 2 and a girl around 5) was staying at the Monterey Hostel at the same time as us. Our second morning there I was mixing a batch of pancake/waffle batter for breakfast (complimentary, Mmm!) when I noticed that family about to make a batch too. Rather than make them wait for me to finish using the griddle I offered to double my batch and make their pancakes for them. They were very appreciative and accepted, but the little girl made it very clear that she wanted a "bear cake". I thought she was just adorably mispronouncing the word "pancake". After nearly all the pancakes were done though, her mom came over and used the last of the batter to make this. How super cute is that?

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