The Bulldog British Pub

The Bulldog British Pub Reviews

611 Lighthouse Ave
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (80 Reviews)

Review by Corey H.
Not sure what’s British about the place, but we’re fans. A full menu, burger specials for each day of the week, and quick service of cheap drink.

Oh, and…
Rating: 4

Review by Bill H.
Thankfully, my neighborhood pub also has the best burger around. The remodel looks great, and Suzy and Brent always pour a nice cold beer. Christine has…
Rating: 5

Review by Anna R.
On to my 3rd of the Monterey, CA British Pub review afternoon! The Bulldog. Love this place. Its fun any day (and night) of the week. Always packed with fun…
Rating: 5

Seagulls at Monterey, CA
monterey ca internet
Image by Ahniwa
Taken during a trip to Monterey, CA for the Internet Librarian Conference. October 24-28 2009.

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