Subway Sandwiches

Subway Sandwiches Reviews

7 Second St
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

Review by Cali G.
Shame on Subway! Lying to the State of California and cheating it’s local, “former” in my case, customers. State law: cold sandwich, to go, no tax. Subway…
Rating: 1

Review by Megan P.
For some reason there is like 1000 Subways in Watsonville. I don’t get it but this one is my favorite! I had the best meatball sub here. Everyone is always…
Rating: 4

Review by Elizabeth M.
Interesting experience. One day i went in and ordered the breakfast sandwich. Bacon egg and cheese toasted. Easy peasy…RIght? Not. The young woman didn’t…
Rating: 2

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