Seaside In-N-Out draws thousands on opening day

The new In-N-Out Burger in Seaside opened for business Tuesday and was packed all day.

Thousands showed up to order double doubles, animal-style fries and creamy milkshakes.

Fans of In-N-Out have been anticipating a location on the Monterey Peninsula for a long time. After years of going back and forth with different municipalities in the area, Seaside said yes and construction began in 2015.

Management of In-N-Out’s Seaside location was hoping to open in January but El Nino storms delayed completion of the eatery.

Finally, the burger joint opened Tuesday, though fans still had to wait about 30-40 minutes for food.

“I’ve been checking in with customers as they leave to make sure they are happier. I am not the one waiting in my car and I want them to be happy,” said store manager Ashley Guzman.

Customers did seem to be satisfied and happy to be a…

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