Ride From Big Sur, Ca.

While visiting the Monterey, Ca area, I video taped my ride, on my motorcycle, from Big Sur, to Carmel. This is part of the video, with music by CCR.

20 thoughts on “Ride From Big Sur, Ca.

  1. Bmosh1133 says:

    This dudes a badass. I have to take highway one on weekends when i go surfing and i dont know about those guys on motorcycles! Ahhh. Madness

    This is a cool video, glad you guys respect my turf.

  2. fasterthanbolt says:

    The track between Carmel and Big Sur is, I believe, one of the greatest place in the world. But also from Big sur and San Simeon you can see amazing things. If you wanna check out some pics I took in Bigsur, I’ve just uploaded an original song titled Big Sur. Great video and great CCR!! Thanks for sharing.

    Paolo from Italy

  3. busstopbilly says:

    Excellent idea! I’ve driven this road at least 50 times, and I’ll be back for a virtual vacation! Love CCR, too! Green River would be good for the southern trip from Nepenthe to Partington cove…

  4. Runningdaddyking says:

    Fabulous film. I covered Route 1 SF south to border in 1989 on a bicyle. Not a day passes when I don’t recall it if only for a minute or two. Carmel-Big Sur was very favourite section. Great camping up at Big Sur. Fantastic breakfast at Deetjens Big Sur Inn (is it still there I wonder). Thanks. Enjoy your great good fortune in living nearer to this wonderful road than I do.

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