19 thoughts on “Remembering John Denver In Pacific Grove, CA

  1. Sierra Siminuk says:

    I remember when I went there, about a year ago. It was so depressing, and
    seeing his memorial… I was probably dying inside. Thank you for this
    beautiful video, it refreshes my memory.?

  2. gracerse62 says:

    Earthlinked and thinkfree63…I still go to Pacific Grove and leave stones
    for people at the driftwood and collect sand and stones to send to people I
    have met of FB. Just wanted to let you both know. Sandi (babushka6225)?

  3. justicefx says:

    I was sitting in Robata’s in Carmel when I turned around & there was John
    sitting & smiling. I said, “Hi John, how are you?” He just smiled with his
    hat & round glasses on. His plane crashed in Pacific Grove shortly after

  4. beacheagles says:

    I go to the beach every year in October & will continue to do so until I am
    no more. The place is full of life; gulls & cormorants & pelicans fly thru
    the surf, monarch butterflies flit about, deer & seal & otter show up. From
    morning until dark I sit there. The sky changes. The tide goes in and out.
    The waves change too and they sound like the earth breathing. Lately I have
    been feeling drawn to the place. Perhaps I will make the drive next week.
    Need to talk with the pelicans..and John.

  5. JDsweetdreams says:

    Thank you, Eve … Thanks for taking me there once again. It means alot to
    me… wish I could have been there with you, in this very special place. I
    love the song you picked and the birds flying out across the water. Thanks
    so much for sharing this with all John’s fans. Sweet Dreams & Peace Linda

  6. committeesq says:

    He was able to live a life we could only dream of. How many times in my
    life I’ve walked and driven along the Monterey bay coast and thought him so
    far away. How we need him now to make global warming understandable to
    people, to sho the earth care and empathize with the nature he spoke of and
    sang to.

  7. jdstillshines says:

    Thanks for mentioning where this song can be found and as a result,I
    purchased JD’s Spirit CD yesterday. Yes, it’s hard to believe 10 years have
    passed but it’s heartwarming to see how many still care!

  8. MissMovieStar says:

    there is no room ortime for second guessing. 5) do NOT fly an airplane that
    has a fuel switch in back of the seat. That is absolutely nuts. I cant even
    believe this happened, its almost like he wanted to die. sorry i meant to
    say make sure all the switches are within arms reach and in front of
    you.you do not have the time to turn around and divert your attention off
    the plane. just myopinion but i think these kind of planes need to be

  9. Earthlinked says:

    It was a promise made between he and I, on the day he died – that I kept to
    myself. I am sure he would have approved!!;-) I just kept humming — “Inch
    by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…” (The Garden Song) and
    seedling number 5,000 was planted on August 1, 2007. I then told the manger
    why I did this volunteer work. He bought a John Denver CD! Another JD fan
    was born — one tiny seedling at a time!! Thank You and Bless You for the
    stone! Again, I am sure he would approve!!

  10. Deedra Winey says:

    This is beautiful!Today it is 10 years since we lost him.I never remember
    the exact day for some reason,even though it corresponds w/my wedding
    anniversary.I sent my husband an ecard from yahoo that had Annies Song on
    it this morning and it triggered the memery and led me here.I’m glad it did.

  11. robertlillo says:

    There is something amazing about spirit-connected people. They seem to come
    into our world, drop beautiful gifts and wisdom and then move on. I
    remember that day when we recorded this. An inspiring place, as is the
    Maroon Bells, all of Alaska, the fjords of Norway and so many other natural

  12. drepiz says:

    We have just returned from Pacific Grove. Every moment was magical. Placed
    the rock as requested on his Birthday. The magic comes from feeling life
    from the heart. This is the gift John gave us.

  13. RAIN12FORD says:

    I was in a front row seat at the Durngate Theatre in Northampton U.K. when
    John sang this song live. It truly stands in my memory as one of the most
    beautiful times of my life.

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