Recreational crab season open in Monterey

Monterey Bay Crab prepared at Café Fina.

The recreational crab season opened in Monterey this weekend, while the commercial season remains closed.

In a normal year Dungeness Crab season opens in November but high levels of domoic acid in the crabs from algal blooms have kept it closed. The state says the levels were high enough they could make people eating the crab sick.

An open season for sports fisherman is good news for business on Fisherman’s Wharf and it makes commercial fisherman hopeful the season will open late for them too.

At Chris’ Fishing on the Wharf fishing trips are booking up fast as people seize the opportunity to go crabbing for the first time since last season.

The state upped the limit this year for sportsman from six to 10.

“People are quite happy walking away with 10 crabs each,” said Keith Stemler…

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