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Review by Carl S.
My wife and I recruited A.B. and staff to help us with a Thanksgiving dinner we were hosting for our 23 member family.

From day one, A.B. was exceptionally…
Rating: 5

Review by alicia k.
I found Pacific Coast Catering by online searching for a caterer for my destinantion wedding in Carmel, Ca. I gave A.B. a few ideas and she ran with it….
Rating: 5

Review by jo s.
Pacific Coast Catering has catered business lunches and events for the SPCA of Monterey which I attended and was able to sample many delicious dishes from…
Rating: 5

Ugly or Cute
monterey ca spca
Image by derazzii
An “Animal Planet” moment on your last trip to the Bay Area. Deciding upon taking a non-101 (major highway) route for at least part of the trip, we took the county road G15 that runs from King City, east of 101, to Soledad. We found this little guy who had taken a tumble from his cliff-face roust some 35’ above the road. He is now recovering in the hands of the Monterey CA. SPCA.

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