9 thoughts on “NASCAR Nation: Can we PLEASE replace a Fontana race with Laguna Seca?

  1. a few too many GO JR! says:

    Oh I think that will never happen. can you imagine them at the corkscrew? Big ole top heavy COT? OUCH!

  2. Matt - He called him Mr. Ed! says:

    Oh man, the COT at LAGUNA SECA?

    I’d give my soul to whoever manages to make the corkscrew without going off the track/wrecking in that car.

  3. Big D says:

    its not for the COT send em back to Daytona or some good track again or replace the turns at fontana with high banking so they can ride out with some speed

  4. dalejr4ever says:

    I’d rather see them at Darlington the COT is way to big for Laguna Seca, OMG, but if you are a crash feast fan or then a person who likes no racing at all because they can’t race, oh well you might like it…The COT at Laguna Seca…thats a Joke.. I don;t care about Mazda but these COTS are just to big.. Its a great open wheel and sports car track I love Laguna Seca, but Nascar….oh no. just won”t work..

    Go Dale Jr & Hms

  5. That One Dude says:

    That be cool, or the road course that was on SPEED today in NJ.

    Id prefer Darlington and The Rock get their races back from that lame track.

  6. boilerup9190 says:

    They are talking about the Cup drivers racing the road course at Indy.

    Ok this is unrelated but who wants to see IRL at Talladega? *Raises Hand*

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