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400 Cannery Row
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (305 Reviews)

Review by Rachel N.
My bf & I have never been to Monterey/Carmel area. We decided to spend NYE here. We booked the king bed with ocean view. The view & sound of the ocean were…
Rating: 4

Review by Kurt N.
Stayed here after a long day at the aquarium on Christmas Eve.

Very nice place with breathtaking views from the hotel lobby balcony. What blew me away was…
Rating: 5

Review by Amy F.
Follow-up: Less than 12 hours after I wrote my initial review, I received a call from the manager at the hotel. He was incredibly gracious and apologetic,…
Rating: 3

Question by Hawaii Worker: I’m planning to move to the Bay area. What’s the cost of living in Oakland…esp housing?
What are good areas in Oakland to live? Other nearby cities that are good and within easy drive (30-40min) to Alameda as I hope to get a job there. What are the taxes like–property, income, vehicle registration? Thanks for any information.

Best answer:

Answer by ca_surveyor
ok.. the bad news…

Bring money: Median home prices are in the $ 500,000 but sales are down so prices may slide a bit)

Apartments are available but often pricy (check Craigslist for the east bay in california to get good ideas on that). As the housing slips the apartment rates rise.

Cost of living aint that great either. Today, the average gas price is around $ 3.30 a gal. and if you don’t find a way to live near your work that will impact you.

Good side: Alameda is a nice little City and with the departure of the naval base about 10 years ago, the housing stock had a lot of vacancies. That may not still be the case but, again, use Craigslist to check.

Taxes.. (property) are fixed and a good estimate wll be 2% of the sales price per year (two payments)

Sales tax varies by the county but it is about 8%

Vehicle registration is by the year of the vehicle.. renewed once a year with a bi-annual smog check . There are breaks for fuel efficient vehicles – check the dmv web site .

Good side: Great weather and within 2 to 3 hours of soooo many varieties of things as to be unbelieveable (beach, ski, hike, camp, wine – Napa Valley, as well as the touristy things like San Francisco, Monterey, etc..)

but.. like I said.. it aint cheap……

.you still coming ? Drop me a note if you have any more questions.. I live AND work in Oakland.

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Weekend forecast: Partly smoky
monterey california weather
Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
From the official National Weather Service forecast this weekend for Monterey, California. I didn’t realize they had a graphic for smoke.

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  1. alvinli2000 says:

    San Francisco is the best place to live. But it might be the most expensive place to live.

    It could cost you about $ 1,000 to $ 1,200 to rent a livable studio or 1 bedroom small apartment.

    You might want to find a house mate, so that you two can rent a 2 bedrooms apartment for about $ 1,600 to $ 1,800. Each share the cost.

    Food here is reasonable and acceptable.

    Gasoline price is the highest in the nation.

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