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Otherworldly sunsets and enchanting natural wonder define this California enclave as one of the world’s most popular beach side destinations.  Its cool climate and charming downtown make luxury real estate a sound investment in the future.  The famed Cannery Row has been entertaining visitors for over five decades and continues to be a main attraction in the area.  As the backdrop for some of John Steinbeck’s finest literary works, this public space features over 25 restaurants, quaint streets filled with shops and local galleries brimming with original art.  In addition, an IMAX theatre has recently been constructed to bring a 21st century edge to this historic district.  

For water lovers, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary affords visitors unique opportunities such as kayaking, scuba diving and strolling the beach using the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail.  Fisherman’s Wharf also provides hours of fun in the sun with eateries and purveyors lining this historic spot.

For car enthusiasts, Mazda Raceway Segunda Seca offers a wide variety of diversions from its status as the U.S. Grand Prix location as race cars rip past the track at unbelievable speeds.  The Monterey Museum of Art is a bastion of artistic talent that hails from the local area and showcases pieces by Francis McComas, Armin Hanson and William F. Ritschel, as well as photography by luminaries like Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham.  Monarch Grove Sanctuary also offers a chance to enjoy butterflies up close in their natural setting.  Open year round, this special arboretum houses an incredible array of species and must be experienced in Monterey.  

Let the surroundings draw you in with a gentle sea spray and velvety soft sand beneath your feet.  Indigenous trees grow haphazardly along the coastline and offer a unique perspective on the typical waterfront home.  Luxury properties that are nestled on the waterfront enjoy the rolling expanses of the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course and views of California’s legendary beaches.

Finely cultivated vineyards also share the land with luxury properties throughout the region in nearby Carmel Valley.  Wine enthusiasts and foodies also enjoy bountiful options up and down the coast from fresh farm food to fine dining in Monterey’s downtown restaurants. Rounding out the city’s cultural offerings, Monterey’s annual Jazz Festival takes music to another level with the biggest names in the industry turning in world class performances to sold out audiences.  Let Monterey take your breath away with the finest in coastal luxury real estate.

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