Monterey considers removing fence from train at Dennis the Menace Park

Monterey is talking about taking down the fencing around the train at Dennis the Menace Park but still won’t let children play on the structure.

Children use to be able to walk right up to the locomotive that has been sitting on the site since 1956 and play on the train.

“It was something that was greatly beloved by children. It was not, unfortunately, built as playground equipment, and safety standards have really changed over the years,” said Kim Bui-Burton with Monterey’s Parks and Recreation Department.

In 2013, the city decided the locomotive was unsafe and a fence was needed around it, an action not everyone favored.

Now, as part of the city’s new Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Monterey is looking at making changes yet again.

A study conducted at the park suggests the city take down the fence, build a play area around the train, and also build barriers to prevent children from playing on the train…

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