Monterey, California Trip on a Sunday Afternoon

In this video, we decided to visit Monterey, CA to breathe the fresh seabreeze and of course to get away from the city to get refreshed before school/work. We ate at Fish Hopper for our early dinner.

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18 thoughts on “Monterey, California Trip on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    @sharky53198 very nice 🙂 Hope you enjoy your visit back to Monterey. I love to go to Monterey and enjoy eating their clam chowder bread bowls from Fish Hopper and then later drive to Pacific Grove to see the sunset by the sea. Monterey is one of my favorite places to visit in California.

  2. sharky53198 says:

    im going tomarrow and for sunday, im 16 now, but ive gone there since i was 2 months old and always wanted to live there, i live in sacramento, so about a 3 hour drive, not bad, but i love monterey so much! I love the lobster at fish hopper 😛

  3. dachler says:

    DLI means? My friend will be living here. She will be working as a nurse. I will surely miss her. If only I can migrate to America, I’ll live here or in Portland, OR. Top two on my place to live in the US.

  4. clintferrell22 says:

    DLI sucks….i’m a tagalog linguist….class sucks, everything is too expensive, and the people are fuckin’ rude

  5. bagels789 says:

    Im going to school here at the DLI for a year and this just made me feel so much more comfortable living there. i can’t wait to explore : )

  6. Brngr0fOwnage says:

    Sea Harvest is a pretty good little place to eat, it’s one block up the hill from where you parked.

  7. blummedia says:

    I stole my first kiss under the palm( @ 3:28 in), with the lights reflecting off the midnight bay….. and we’re together ten years strong.
    Glad you enjoy my town.

  8. blummedia says:

    It sucks! I live here and there are far better eating establishments in Monterey. You have to step away from the tourist traps.

  9. RockOnJonasx3 says:

    i go there like once a year
    i love it there
    its beautiful and i love going to the beach- looking at the ocean, the aquarium is nice and its just fun to go downtown and FW and to CR just walk around

  10. DOMESTICDIVA68 says:

    I love it, It brings back fond memories of my childhood and part of my adult life going on field trips or for the weekend’s.Yes and the Fish Hopper is a very good restaurant to eat if you want fresh seafood. It brings tears to my eyes, I cannot wait to go .

  11. melanie22282 says:

    The Fish Hopper is, in my opinion, THE BEST RESTAURANT in Monterey. Their clam chowder is the best I’ve ever had…and what an amazing view. 🙂 I tell everyone about it. lol Thanks for sharing!

  12. wgjpinoy654 says:

    Yea coulda been better if it was sunny and clear 🙁 Still nice place to go eat some sea food and breathe the fresh sea breeze

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