Monterey Bay Aquarium

Explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium with me! In this video, you’ll see everything from sea otters to sting rays and from sardines to sharks. At the time I shot this video, the Monterey Bay Aquarium had the only Great White shark in captivity. It was accidentally caught in commercial fishing gear and they nursed it back to health. It has since been released into the wild, and it is doing well. The aquarium has saved five different sharks in the past five years. Click the link below to learn more about the Aquarium’s research on Great White Sharks. Don’t forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!! Thanks for watching!

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25 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. shady324 says:

    I like the video. shows true passion of the aquarium and the animals of the ocean. Now i have to visit the aquarium. thank you and good job

  2. clearconscienceregga says:

    what a bummer they had to let him go since he was hunting the other fish. Dont blame him though! its like going to an all you can eat buffet and not being able to try anything right!

  3. richmob111 says:

    lol id did not die it was released =D i was there yesterday the august 09 gw is still there and healthy as were all of them i go once a week to the aquarium =)

  4. donniedarko408 says:

    that GW died in captivity. Logenst captive time for a GW is 6 months. that sucks because i want to see one. Can’t wait to cage dive. :]

  5. WolfJuiceProductions says:

    I went there in summer of 2007 and they didn’t have the grea white. I heard that they kept a barrier around one off the coast and you had to pay for a boat trip to get there. Is that true?

  6. SidneyXda says:

    I just love those baby great whites! i wish i could check this monteray bay out 😀
    i hope some of the dumb public can appreciate great whites more.. while most were saving whales , bears etc , the sharks were getting butchered by their own people. So many big and old great white sharks are gone ..thanks to hunters

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