Monterey Bay Aquarium Collection

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a huge aquarium made out of 7″ thick plastic. There are sharks, dolphinfish, tuna, and more swimming around. Pretty cool place I thought. The Monterey Aquarium in California is a great place to see. In this video you will see several video clips and a few stills. Music WAS Lullaby by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks from the Orange Crate Art CD (THAT I BOUGHT) WHICH I NOW SUGGEST YOU NEVER BUY SINCE THEY ARE PULLING THE COPYRIGHT BS. DO NOT BUY ANY BEACH BOYS MUSIC – FIGHT BACK. I WILL ADD NEW MUSIC FROM AN ARTIST WHICH SHOWS MORE COURTESY AND APPRECIATION SOON. OUT OF ALL THE MUSIC I HAVE, I SELECTED THIS SONG TO GIVE THEM CREDIT BUT THEIR NAME IS NOW JUST SHIT TO ME.

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11 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Aquarium Collection

  1. vbdenny says:

    Thanks for the info on BW and VDP I did not know that. Aad thanks for the compliment, I appreciate that. enjoy your holidays.

  2. dkbiology says:

    Yes, Lullaby was written by Gershwin about 1919. Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks have done a nice version and it fits nicely with the video sequences. It has those exquisite mellow phrases that sort of sway along with the images. Nice work on the video.

  3. statjay says:

    While “Orange Crate Art” is one of my favorite albums, and while I have been a Van Dyke Parks fan since “Song Cycle” was releaesed when I was in high school, this piece “Lullabye” was written by George Gershwin. Just sayin’.

  4. TanteA says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video. The pictures illustrate the music of Van Dyke Parks very good. I like the Album “Orange Crate Art”.

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