Mexi-Cali Grill

Mexi-Cali Grill Reviews

204 Lighthouse Ave
Average Rating: 2 out of 5 (10 Reviews)

Review by John H.
My benchmark for Mexican food is a cheese enchilada with rice and beans. I was very impressed. Their salsa was also excellent.

I only wish they would…
Rating: 4

Review by Kim S.
Has anyone ever actually eaten here?

This place is like a block from my house (where I’ve lived for a year and a half now!), yet I’m too afraid to go into…
Rating: 1

Review by Alyssa S.
By far THE WORST Mexican food I have ever had the misfortune to eat.

1. AWFUL taste (used the same fake-yellow-processed-nacho cheese from Taco Bell,…
Rating: 1

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