2 thoughts on “Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway-E46 M3 Driver POV

  1. NorCalRacerRDE says:

    Thanks for the comment! I am using the Go Pro HERO (with the wide angle lens, but no HD). As for tires, I am running Michelin Pilot Sport PS1 on the front, and Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’s on the rear (which is NOT ideal, as the PS2’s have sooo much more grip than the PS1’s). I am running 31 PSI front, 30 PSI rear, and that seems to help reduce the understeer inherent in the E46 M3. Hooked on Driving in great! Lot’s of run time, low car counts, and really friendly people. Check them out!

  2. skipjack280 says:

    Cool video !, Fast lap. I love Laguna Seca, it’s so nice to see grass and trees instead of sand and rocks. Are you using a Go Pro HD? What tires are you running? How many events per set? Happy with hooked on racing?

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