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Pacific Grove
Ocean View Blvd
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Review by AC M.
We enjoyed taking a few minutes here watching the lovers sitting on the rock beds, the scuba divers, the surfers and a few harbor seals with their pup on…
Rating: 5

Review by Christina W.
This park is so beautiful. It’s not hard to find, and it’s just outside of the craziness of downtown Monterey. It’s a beautiful location for weddings,…
Rating: 4

Review by Issy D.
I came here on my way out of town from a beautiful weekend in Monterey.

We were hesitant on stopping at the beach since we wanted to get home at a…
Rating: 5

Question by mempto: Montebello, Monterey Park, El Monte?
Are these communities in the San Gabriel Valley nice? Are they mostly safe? My job will be located in Commerce, CA, and I’ve heard that area is a little sketchy…there is an apartment a few miles away in Montebello that I’m looking at, but I’m not sure if that area is decent or not. Any ideas?

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Answer by jabber6697
Commerce is not a very nice neighborhood, I wouldn’t move there. I would say Montebello is half and half, there’s some OK neighborhoods but there’s also some not-so-great ones. El Monte would be your best bet, but try to stay out of the South El Monte area. That’s not a nice area at all in my opinion.

Check out the Montebello apartement, you might luck out and find it’s a nice little neighborhood.

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monterey ca apartments
Image by Dharbigt Mærsk
While I was married to the U.S. Army, I had an opportunity to attend a party thrown by a pair of British naval officers at their apartment near the DLI in Monterey, CA. The party was a costume party. The theme was "extreme".
Most of the attendees were at the DLI to learn either Persian Farsi or Modern Standard Arabic. The attendees were largely Military Intelligence, although some were Navy S.E.A.LS. and others who were at the DLI for language training. Some of these enlisted persons may well have ended up as interrogators in Iraq. I’m certainly not privy to that kind of information.
However, in light of recent events involving M.I. enlisted persons and officers, I thought it might be educational to see a glimpse of what many of these people interpret as "extreme". Perhaps that will shed light on how Army training has shaped them or perhaps it is a reflection of what people the Army chooses for MI duty. Then again, perhaps it just teaches us something about the mindset of people who join the army. On the fourth hand, maybe it is most simply a reflection upon the mentality of western civilization.

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  1. Seano says:

    Guess it depends on what you consider sketchy… you can always take a look.

    I wouldn’t go that way maybe try a little further south on the 5 fwy like Cerritos, La Palma or Cypress.

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