Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival

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“The Monterey Quartet” is a historic summit of four of today’s top Jazz Musicians together on one CD for the very first time!

Dave Holland: Today’s most accomplished pure-jazz composer among bassists; his sense of swing is unexcelled.
Gonzalo Rubalcaba: One of the most important figures to emerge from Afro- Cuban jazz; he’s an extraordinarily versatile pianist able to blend Cuban and American jazz traditions into a fresh, modern whole.
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Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival

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3 thoughts on “Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival

  1. Stuart Jefferson says:

    One disc 78 minutes long approximately. The sound is crisp,clean,and very immediate. The balance is such that you feel like you’re sitting in the “sweet spot” at the concert. Each instrument is clearly delineated and has its own space. Thankfully there’s a bit of warmth to the sound (especially the bass),which gives this music more vitality.

    This recording,from 2007 at The Monterey Jazz Festival,one of several released by Monterey Jazz Festival Records,is one of their better efforts. Originally thought of as releasing only vintage recordings from past Monterey Jazz Festivals,this release will put an end to that thinking. Not only are the players steeped in both jazz history and contemporary sounds,this group (known as THE MONTEREY QUARTET) sounds as if they have played together for some time. This is unabashedly modern jazz,from the arrangements,to the time signatures,to the very interaction of the group.

    Dave Holland-bass,needs no real introduction. He’s played on many important jazz dates,both as a sideman and as a leader. Chris Potter-tenor sax,while relatively new (born in 1970),has played with people like Brad Mehldau,John Scofield,Joe Lovano,and a host of others. Eric Harland-drums,has played primarily with Terence Blanchard,and continues to make a name for himself in modern,post be-bop jazz. Gonzalo Rubalcaba-piano,has recorded a number of albums with people like Charlie Haden,Paul Motian,Ron Carter,and a number of others.

    Together,these four jazz musicians have created some very fine modern jazz. The arrangements are a combination of be-bop and more forward thinking (“Minotaur” as an example) playing. They are capable of playing something in (not strictly) four/four time (“Treachery”),and then turn around and play in a more reserved style (“Otra Mirada”) with the same finesse. Each player brought two compositions for the band to play. Having never previously played as a group,it speaks volumes that they can produce music of such depth and feeling with just a few rehearsals. This is music played as a conversation between four people who have a lot to say. Never stepping on each other,this group weaves their individual sounds into a wonderful aural tapestry. Track after track,this group continues to impress with its ability to listen to one another,adding something only when needed. This is forward thinking in style,yet accessible. There is an “alive” feeling here,not the sterile sound of music played by rote,which seems to happen in some of today’s jazz.

    For listeners who like modern post be-bop jazz with a bit of modal style playing,and different time signatures used intelligently and with feeling,this is something to consider purchasing. The feel,the flow,the intensity,the rhythmic complexities,even on slower pieces,has produced one of the better recent small group jazz recordings. The only downside is that this group may never record together again,and that is a real crime.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Anthony Cooper says:

    The Monterey Quartet is the name given to the group of Chris Potter on sax, Gonzalo Rubalcaba on piano, Dave Holland on bass, and Eric Harland on drums. Though this is a bit of an all-star-type assembly, each player contributes original songs, and no player dominates the proceedings. The result is very solid mainstream modern jazz. “Treachery” starts things off on a confident note, and the CD is broken up into two ballads and five other mid-tempo songs. Regardless of which player you favor the most, this CD is easy to recommend.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Richard Angelilli says:

    Since this is my first review ever of a cd I’ve purchased I am so glad I am choosing this cd to review.I’m not a professional writer by any stretch but an avid jazz fan.

    Chris Potter,Dave Holland, Eric Harland and Gonzalo Rubalcana each contribute 2 original compositions each. Chris Potter has been one of my favorite tenor sax players for a long time and he definitely tears down the house on this cd.

    The opening track Treachery is a burner. All the songs on the cd are really great but along with Treachery my other favorites include Minotaur, 50 and the closer on the cd Ask Me Why.

    I wasn’t so familiar with Rubalcana’s work to date but he is a fantastic player. Just check him out on “50”. Dave Holland is fantastic and Eric Harland’s drum work is truely something amazing.

    This cd is soooooooooooooo smoking I am ordering another copy in case it ever goes out of print.

    If you are a Chris Potter fan do not pass on this cd as I feel this cd is destined to be a classic.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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