6 thoughts on “iracing Mazda Laguna Seca Hotlap

  1. Tweak589 says:

    I got a 1:20.9 on a few laps of my first practice, is that fast? I only ask because I suspect there is a faster lap out there somewhere for this newer patch (than this 1:20.5) 🙂

    Was using long gear ratios though, hmmm.

  2. mindadventurer says:

    star mazda_laguna_1.23.173 ok set up means alot in these cars. Last night was my 1st night with this track. I was doing 1:30’s , today im down to consistant 1:24’s and approaching 1:23’s. Loose set is rough here. Almost scary. Tight set is better for me and safer for everyone near me. luke,
    thanks for posting this i found it on irace forums.

  3. DigitalRPMRacing says:

    I absolutely love this car and track combination. It’s beyond thrilling to drive, and man…that was one sweet lap. 🙂

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