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2800 Daubenbiss Ave
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 (9 Reviews)

Review by Kelly L.
I recently ordered blinds from Deborah at Interior Vision. I was so happy with her help in selecting which type would be best for my home. It is the kind of…
Rating: 5

Review by F. John L.
We have worked with Debra for over 20 years. She continues to provide great service
for a fair price. Two thumbs up from us!!
Rating: 5

Review by eva h.
Debra is very nice person but it was more of a hassle than it should have been( we had to do three rounds of bathroom floor to get it right, with some…
Rating: 3

red rock crab
monterey ca deals
Image by ta-graphy
found this guy while tide pooling over at point lobos in Monterey CA

The bubbles if you were wondering is a way for crabs like the one above to breath when out of water, its how they deal with the lack of water.

Heres a crab catch and release trick
think like a crab

have your hands in the shape of a claw (thumb bottom rest of fingers work as the top claw)

when crabs scuttle away from danger they can either go one of 2 ways, left or right.

place your left hand near him but not too close that he’ll scuttle away

then use your right hand to distract him and make him scuttle left, your already placed set left hand will catch him and bingo you got yourself a crab.

if you distract with your left hand just use your right as the catcher

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