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200 Fred Kane Dr Ste 104
Average Rating: 1.5 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

Review by Maria L.
I cannot complain about the customer service, but I am definitely unhappy with the rental I got from them! I rented a medium-sized car for a week because…
Rating: 1

Review by Richard T.
This Hertz car rental kiosk is located at the Monterey Peninsula Airport. We used them twice before moving on to a one of the many other car rental agencies…
Rating: 2

Review by Dan M.
Well it is now December 13, 2011. I rented the Hertz car on September 24, 2011. That is well over the 4 to 8 weeks for my refund promised by Octavio, the…
Rating: 1

Question by citybusterman: Is there an actual site near either LAX airport or Fullerton where I can buy a Red Pocket SIM card?
I know that they’re usually sold online. It’s just that I’m embarking on a trip to the LA area tomorrow and I URGENTLY need a Red Pocket SIM card. I REALLY don’t wanna order one online considering the time that’s gonna be spent shipping. I’m landing at LAX airport and I’m gonna stay in Fullerton. But then I also heard that I should probably go to a Chinatown or Monterey Park where a lot of those Asian stores are at…….It’ll be easier if I can just find one near where I’m gonna be at! Please help. Thanks!

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Answer by Whats Up Doc
I have never heard of one near LAX. Only online.

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Monterey Airport
monterey airport
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