25 thoughts on “GoPro: Santa Cruz Aerial Surf

  1. Ryan Wilson says:

    these guys are mental catching so close to the sea defence, then again it
    must be one hell of a buzz knowing you’ve achieved one of the most
    dangerous spots there is. These surf uploads get me so excited for my GoPro
    summer edit next month, good work guys!?

  2. Jack Hammer says:

    i see they added a walkway and a beacon to the yacht harbor jetty since i
    lived there. that was a very brave ride but it’s rare to get much of a ride
    there. usually if there’s surf there there’s better surf at
    lighthouse/cowells or one of the pleasure point breaks. i think the yell
    refects the fact he knew once he committed he was on a make it or break it

  3. RViscara says:

    right down the street from my house. check it out there at Christmas time
    they put up lights on the boats and the lighthouse?

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