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3626 the Barnyard
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (257 Reviews)

Review by Patrick M.
Family Vacation Part IV:

Where is Guy Fieri? He’s not here? Well I’ll have what he is having.

Second day in Monterey and we decided to eat in…
Rating: 5

Review by Rebekah G.
Family friendly, super awesome staff and above all – the food is amazing!

Try the corned beef hash. It’s phenomenal! Not the ground up stuff.

My personal…
Rating: 5

Review by Bruce’s A.
A friend and I went on a 2 day vacation down in the Carmel-Monterey Area, and we came across this spot for breakfast-brunch.

There were a few clouds up in…
Rating: 4

Pebble Beach, Carmel, CA, Clint Eastwood 9-1997
carmel ca
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Though this has nothing to do with the Bob Hope Desert Classic, it does show another celebrity golfer, Clint Eastwood. We were driving the beautiful 17-mile loop around the Pebble Beach course in 1997 when we stopped at the clubhouse. I was walking around when my wife said, "Do you know Clint Eastwood almost ran you over with his golf cart?" I snapped a couple pictures of him before he looked up at me, and frowned with the "Make my day, punk" look of his, and I stopped.

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