Famous Dave’s BBQ

Famous Dave’s BBQ Reviews

6925 Camino Arroyo
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (327 Reviews)

Review by Allison R.
The complimentary homemade kettle chips, dipped in the sweet bbq sauce or the Devils spit sauce. (Yum)
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Mac ‘n cheese

Those are the…
Rating: 3

Review by RJ C.
This restaurant gets really busy during the weekends and unfortunately it seems like it is more than it can handle.
Plainly put, the food is good and the…
Rating: 2

Review by Daniel G.
Ok, so I hate to give bad reviews but I guess it has to happen from time to time.

I’ll start off with the bad, I came here on a Saturday and went to the…
Rating: 2

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