Easy Street Billiards

Easy Street Billiards Reviews

511 Tyler St
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (18 Reviews)

Review by Will B.
I love this place!
Really friendly people, both customers and staff.
Their hourly rate is sorta high, but if you’re looking to play a lot they have a…
Rating: 5

Review by Christopher F.
I have been to many pool halls and this place is great. The new owner made this place an amazing place to go to. I love coming to the Thursday and Sunday…
Rating: 5

Review by Tim C.
It’s a great player’s pool hall. There’s twelve 9-foot tables covered with Simonis and clean and shiny Aramith Super Pro balls, making things fast,…
Rating: 5

Good morning! It may be rainy and bleak outside but I woke up happy knowing the Texas Rangers won last night!! 😉
monterey ca happy hours
Image by gogoloopie
Well, being that this photo was taken at sea level in a populated area, I obviously didn’t hike up any 10,000 foot mountains or summits, or brave the extreme elements, etc… to take this shot. However, there was one extremely difficult criterion . . . , I had to get up before the sun (pacific time, too!) , which is NOT easy for me! I rarely beat the sun, or even close, but sometimes….. and I usually get rewarded for it! This was my last morning in the Monterey Bay area (California) just hours prior to departure. I hate leaving…

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