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Carmel by the Sea
SE corner of Ocean & Lincoln
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (763 Reviews)

Review by Guy C.
We hit the mother load, for gods sake don’t tell anyone about this place as it’s murder to get into already.

This is the 3rd weekend we have tried (tip…
Rating: 5

Review by Cristina M.
Really great find. Tiny little restaurant. Again, thanks to Yelp, I knew not to go right at noon. I think I got there at about 1:30 and there were only a…
Rating: 5

Review by Tara S.
I’m a 5-star rave reviewer!

I feel bad when people don’t have the experience that I did, because I consider driving all the way from Los Gatos just to have…
Rating: 5

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