Cute Sea Otter Training at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the worlds oceans. More videos: Live web cams: Don’t miss our daily sea otter program where you can watch aquarists feed and train our sea otters, and learn how they help us understand otters in the wild. You can tune in daily to see what our otters are up next by viewing our live web cam at! (c) Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation

Author: grace

25 thoughts on “Cute Sea Otter Training at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. XxAfroCoreBassxX says:

    hey I live in georgia and theres an otter that live in the pond in my neighborhood, i think he’s the only one in there and arnt they endangered? what am i suppose to do?

  2. hacksign5 says:

    Shes saying it like that because shes straining her voice. She doesnt TALK like that. she just talks to animals like that. For english, you guys need to learn more about it. :p Do you strain your voice to a completely retarded tone when you talk to your cats? like 95% of the world does. So yeah. They do that so they can have a recognizable voice pattern that the otters respond to.

  3. Neona135 says:

    She is talking like that to get the sea otter’s attention. If you watch the full program at the aquarium, she speaks to the audience in a normal voice.

  4. Neona135 says:

    All the sea otter kept at the aquarium are animals who cannot be released back into the wild due various reasons. They train them to make their lives more stimulating and enjoyable.

  5. Rauhel says:

    heh anyone seen that cartoon “little bear” , every once in a while 3 otters show up to play and their crazy!! little bears friend emily is always like “OTTERS! , OTTERS! , OTTERS!!!!

  6. beetrootrat says:

    First thing I thought was how horrible her voice is. I’m British too but I have to say I think a lot of americans find that fake perky crap and mangled cat voice annoying.

  7. beetrootrat says:

    and your fingers! Wonderful creatures but you can’t have one as a pet, as much as I wish you could. Read ‘Ring of Bright Water’ by Gavin Maxwell for otter loveliness.

  8. Fandubs4thewin says:

    They aren’t wild if they’re in captivity. They deal with human contact on a daily basis, and Sea otters are one of the more intelligent species that can be trained. If you didn’t train them you would encounter such problems as having a feeding frenzy at dinner time and such.

  9. mygiantrobot says:

    The thing is these otters can’t go back into the wild. They are either unfit to survive in the wild or are too used to humans since rehab. It’s for their own good. They would be toast after day one outside!

  10. floppegg123 says:

    I would love a pet otter I wouldn’t care which species exept a giant one I think there cute to but a bit to big for my house and It would proably eat my rabbit or even my CAT!!!

  11. floppegg123 says:

    I LOVE OTTER but SHE has an annoying voice I mean you americans must be used to it and stuff but to me [im english] thats is Annoying with a capital A

  12. EXOTICPRINCESS28 says:

    I’ve seen them at the Aquarum, They are so adorable. I did however feel bad for them being in captivity. I saw some outside playing and hving fun in the open waters.

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