CSNY – Stephen Stills – 4+20 (Big Sur, CA 1969)

www.beograund.com Live at Big Sur, California, September 14, 1969.

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25 thoughts on “CSNY – Stephen Stills – 4+20 (Big Sur, CA 1969)

  1. watchoutbambi says:

    he’s trying to justify his fight with an audience member. the rest of his band members had to talk or ‘love’ him out of it

  2. LIMESPLICE says:

    Well 20 years on i’m in the trap but this song is so simple so true to me at this moment;So i’m not alone a song of hope!

  3. harrynicholas says:

    The fur coat is an anology, all around we’re surrounded by hardy men with no shirts while the protagonist needs the comfort of and warmth of big furry coat. Maybe he was worried it might get nicked by Jimi Hendrix, or set on fire.

  4. birdonet says:

    Un viejo debe respeto al joven que fue un día. Envejecer es maravilloso, porque reivindica la precariedad física frente al espíritu eterno que nos anima y sostiene. Que es Dios.

  5. stillastillsfan says:

    Well now you understand why there were not too many ever better than Stills in his day. This rendition of 4+20, along with the one on Dick Cavett show ,are among his best….

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