Crab fishermen expect opener soon

State waters south of Point Reyes are now open for sport crab fishing, but for the fishermen who make their money off of the crab, there’s still a waiting game.

Crab fishermen out of Moss Landing are ready to go once they get the green light.

“I’m pretty much ready to go. I can go tomorrow,” fisherman Andrew Amaral said.

Recent tests show traces of domoic acid have decreased to low or undetectable levels in Dungeness crabs caught near Monterey, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco and Point Reyes. The tests prompted the opening of sport crab fishing.

Crab fishermen said they suspect the commercial opener is on the horizon, but now they worry that fish and wildlife officials will only open a small portion of coast south of Point Reyes.

“We don’t want to have 100 percent of the boats fishing 20 percent of the coast,” Amaral…

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