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Review by Kevin M.
This was not our first foot massage experience, but definitely the most disappointing. We’ve frequented random places around SF and Oakland and we have our…
Rating: 1

Review by Daniel W.
Went here on 2/27/13 and it was a great massage. I’ve been to three or four in the area and this place is consistently good. Seems to be a lot of turnover…
Rating: 4

Review by Nicole D.
Sink into a cushy foam massage chair and let your masseuse go to work. Indulge in a full body massage (neck, head, shoulders, legs and back) and a Chinese…
Rating: 4

Question by lacbas88: Where can I get help finding a good paying receptionist job in Monterey area, CA?
I am having a REALLY hard time finding a good paying ($ 15/hour+) job in Monterey, CA? Like a receptionist job? Anyone know anything? I have GREAT people skills and I am very good at receptionist responsibilities and customer service.

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Answer by J. P.

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monterey craigslist
Image by redteam
I wanted to visit my friends in Santa Cruz. Instead of driving alone or with pain in the ass strangers from Craigslist, I decided to fly! Instead of going to San Jose I decided to try the Monterey Airport, which I only just found out about last year.

When you fly from LAX to Monterey (MRY), they make you go to SFO first, then they put you in one of these. That’s an Embraer Brasilia EMB120. I took one from MRY back to LAX, too!

Check this out: LAX to SFO: 50 minutes. SFO to MRY: 45 minutes. MRY to LAX: 95(!) minutes.

Alright, it’s obviously not going to be as fast as a jet plane.

One thing I like about the plane was the seating. It had two rows. One of those rows (starboard) had two seats and the other row was the playas row with only one seat. That’s right, window and aisle seat at the same time.

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