5 thoughts on “clint eastwood?

  1. X M says:

    Wow so many…The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly was my fav. I also would suggest the directors cut with a bunch of added footage in it. Deathlist is good, I like how Jim Carey is the druggy “Welcome to the Jungle” singer who gets knocked off in the begining of the film.

    Outlaw of Josey Wales is also a personal favorite of mine as well as Kelly’s Heroes.

  2. The_Mouse says:

    It is hard to pick, isn’t it.
    The ones I like a lot is the Dirty Harry ones, of course. But I also like Firefox and In the line of fire (Eastwood and Malchovich are just an awesome combination)

  3. Schrute Buck says:

    Of his recent films, I love “Million Dollar Baby.”

    Of his older flicks, “Dirty Harry” was groundbreaking, and I have a fondness for “Play Misty For Me.”

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