Clint Eastwood Celebrated Among Celebrities

Amused Dustin Hoffman was one among many to glance down the red carpet to view the group of celebrities, who had assembled to pay homage to Clint Eastwood. At Hollywood most celebrities, who eagerly assembled to pay tribute to 77-year-old iconic actor and Academy Award-winning director at the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Spirit of Independence Award ceremony, honored Eastwood’s dual status as both a huge Hollywood star and an uncompromising film artist. Hoffman D. after a while remarked. “You look at where he started, as a spaghetti Western kind of actor, as a John Wayne or whatever, and then to go on to directing, and then go on to auteur directing. He has not stopped evolving and his artistry is ongoing.”

Tony Bennett Pays Tribute to Clint

Singer Tony Bennett on hands was another icon to pay tribute to Eastwood on the subject of the forthcoming Eastwood-produced documentary: The Music Never Ends. Tony Bennett, who is four years senior to Eastwood said, it was more than just Eastwood’s magnetic physicality that made him a star. “Yes, he’s got interesting body language and a beautiful face, but more than that he’s got a beautiful mind and heart. He’s developed into a great director and each film is getting better and better – he’s amazing.” Present on this auspicious occasion was one, Kevin Bacon, who recalled getting separated from Clint Eastwood when the Hollywood superstar directed him in Mystic River and expressed that he still understood the perspective of working class actors. Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, who wrote the scripts of Eastwood films Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, said “Everyone thinks they know who Clint Eastwood is. Even politically they think they know who he is and he’s just not. Whenever I think I’ve got him pegged, I’m dead wrong each time.”

Other Celebrities at the Celebration

Assembled at the Hammer Museum’s Billy Wilder Theater to join the tribute, were notable celebrities like, Terrence Howard, Emmy Rossum, Ryan Phillippe, Aidan Quinn, Dylan Mc Dermott, Derek Luke and Rosie Perez. Clint Eastwood was seen highly amused by the group of stars, who had gathered here to do him honor. Clint took the evening more as a career celebration than an early eulogy, looking hale and hearty as he walked majestically across the red carpet with confidence, even pausing to flirt and frolic with female reporters, nearly all of whom appeared quarter of his age. But while he was delighted to be admired for his past accomplishments, his focus was still on the films yet to be made. “It’s all about the work,” he said. “You keep working and you keep doing things, and if you give out, they give out.” To a question whether there was one particular moment in his career that was the most satisfying, he answered randomly. “Right now is as good as any.”

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