Changes on Lighthouse Ave. have Monterey businesses on edge

The city of Monterey plans to make changes on Lighthouse Avenue both in the long term and the short term, and it could result in the artery becoming a one-way street.

Monterey is going to be making a number of short-term changes on Lighthouse and around town to mitigate increased traffic when the Holman Highway roundabout is being built.

A grant is paying for a roundabout at the busy intersection of Holman Highway 68 and 17 Mile Drive off Highway 1. In the long term it is expected to reduce congestion but in the short term Monterey is expecting a lot of traffic to get pushed onto Lighthouse Avenue.

“One possible solution is to change lighthouse from two lanes in each direction to three lanes toward downtown and one lane towards Pacific Grove,” said Rich Deal, a Monterey traffic engineer.

The lane changes would either go along Lighthouse from Drake Avenue to Private Bolio Road or from…

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