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NPGS Associate Professor Sam Buttrey Warms Up for ‘Jeopardy’ Hosting Gig

Sam Buttrey

MONTEREY — It’s 7 p.m. and Sam Buttrey has just turned on the television as a familiar tune filters through his speakers. Standing straight up, he turns his full attention to the screen of clues with a pseudo buzzer — really the spring-loaded gizmo that holds toilet paper rolls — under his thumb and at the ready. For the past few months, this has been the typical weeknight for the Naval Postgraduate School associate professor as he prepared for his “Jeopardy” debut in the quiz show’s first-ever Professor’s Tournament, which is set to air starting Monday, Dec. 6 and continue through next week. Having grown up on “Jeopardy” jargon, and an avid watcher of the program to this day, the experience realized an aspiration Buttrey has long hoped would go beyond his living room. “It was just a bunch of smart people having the time of their lives,” he said, reminiscing on his appearance that was taped back in October. “I’m just really grateful I got a chance to be there.” Buttrey remembers watching “Jeopardy” as a kid at his

Sloat Landing Annual Re-enactment

MONTEREY >> The little secret about the triumphant landing of Commodore John Drake Sloat, re-enacted Saturday at the historic Custom House, is that the famous maritime hero might not have set foot in Monterey at all. Local News By Dennis Taylor @mchdennistaylor on Twitter