Catching up with celebrity chefs at Pebble Beach

For those lucky enough to have a ticket to the Celebrity Chef Golf Tournament, the course was filled with one temptation after another.

We are talking oysters so fresh they were being shucked on the greens.

“We’ve got Goose Point Oysters from Washington, we also have some gravlax, cured salmon, little poached shrimp, and a little tuna poke,” said Scott Kendig of US Foods about the treats at his tent.

The tuna poke was tossed with soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil. The crowd favorite at the oyster bar was the play on mignonette they were serving, made with watermelon and limeade.

Golfers looking for something on the hotter side could also choose a slice of pizza from a big buffet set up by Soleil Wood Fire Pizza out of Brentwood California.

Soleil was at the tournament last year, when the big hit was the gorgonzola, pear, balsamic pizza. They had that this year…

You can read the rest of local Monterey news at KSBW News

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