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1143 Echo Ave
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Review by Lawrence S.
Awesome homebrew supply store! Duane is extremely helpful and friendly. The store is a little small, but it is well stocked. It is also very tidy and…
Rating: 5

Review by Greg G.
Stopped by Bottoms Up today with my wife after finding out about it through a craigslist ad they had posted.

I went in looking only for a 3 gallon carboy…
Rating: 5

Review by Aaron B.
Bottom’s Up is a great homebrew supply store. They have just about anything you could ever require in your brewing adventures. To make matters even better,…
Rating: 5

Question by Geno: Just moved to Victorvile,Ca from Monterey,Ca and im in desperate need of work.. anyone know who’s hiring?
i have been on craigslist, snagajob,indeed. etc etc.. but so many scams out there. just need a good direction to go to.. im 21 and looking for entry level work. please help me

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Answer by Rick
Victorvile,Ca doesn’t had that many high paid jobs mostly warehouse and industry, basically a blue collar town.Get your hands dirty. You has to keep looking, cause your area has higher unemployment rate than in the City.

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