11 thoughts on “ALMS GT2 2009 final at Mazda Laguna Seca.

  1. Buran288gto says:

    Payback…….what goes around comes around…are you freaking nuts?! If this is payback the Porsche should be lying in a ditch with Bergmeister being driven away in a ambulance. This is shitty and childish of Jorg Bergmeister and he f****** knows it! Should never be allowed to drive anything but grocery. Schmuck!

  2. BjarkeJesp says:

    Watch the videos, Magnussen is actually 1,5m infront of Jorg when he spins him out. Thats not holding his line, and he sure isn’t allowed to try and block him at that point. Facts.

  3. huskersrock says:

    if by “held his line” you mean drive him to the inside wall and then spin him then yes he did “hold his line”

  4. bobgm3 says:

    One thing’s for sure….
    a 2 race probation isn’t going to be the end of this.
    This one ended with no one getting hurt.
    ALMS might be sorry someday that they didn’t give penalties that fit the situation.
    a 2 race probation just tells the competitors that anything goes, ALMS likes it; keep it up boys and girls — the worst you’ll get is a slap on the wrists. After all, it’s great for the ratings!

  5. 14junkmail says:

    Payback for sure, guess he should not have taken out his teammate earlier in the race with the last minute ditch into the pits crashing him out…

  6. ChristensenDOTdk says:

    Held his line? Jorg has admitted in an interview that he hit him on purpose! Magnussen should have been the winner!

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