Abandoned Big Sur home is popular teenage hangout

A search continues for 17-year-old Jaime Fernandez, who went missing last week after falling from a sheer cliff on the Big Sur coast.

Fernandez lived in Marina, was a senior at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, and had gone to the cliff next to an abandoned house while hanging out with his cousin.

PHOTOS: Boy falls from popular teen hangout spot in Big Sur

A Monterey County Sheriff search and rescue team had found no trace of the teenager as of Wednesday.

But officials said there is new insight regarding why Fernandez may have been out there and why other teens may be at risk.

Teenagers told KSBW that the abandoned house is a popular place to go and hang out.

The problem is that the house is private property and dangerous.

“It could have been any of my friends. They go out there all the time.…

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